Landscape Architecture Magazine > “An unprecedented testing ground.”

(press.) To be clear, I’m not walking away from the project itself, and I never framed progress as an “either/or.” But in “A Beltline Champion Walks Away,” writer Zach Mortice well describes for Landscape Architecture Magazine, inherent tensions between the benefits and challenges of change.

Excerpt: “Most of all, Gravel believes that the ABP has wandered away from its grounding as a grassroots community movement. “We believe that the primary accountability for the Atlanta BeltLine is not to private funders, civic partners, or to organizational leadership, but to the people of Atlanta who have given the most to make the project possible,” he wrote in his resignation letter. “If they had not believed in a vision for our future, and if they had not worked so hard and insisted on its implementation, we certainly would not be building it today.”

“One thing Gravel and Brawner agree on: The Atlanta BeltLine is an unprecedented testing ground for thorny questions of gentrification, equity, and public–private partnerships, and no city has conclusively figured out how to harness these forces to meet the needs of their most vulnerable citizens.”  >> More.

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