SIXPITCH is an urban design consultancy. Ryan Gravel is its founder and President > “I started my own business because I needed the freedom to work on ideas that don’t fit traditional project models.”

Six is the smallest perfect number and to pitch an idea is to propose one. “Sixpitch” simply captures the idea that our response to any challenge can include more than one answer and be shaped around multiple ideas.

Work at Sixpitch varies widely, but the common threads are ideas, vision, and the places where we live. Founder Ryan Gravel leads Sixpitch in any role from project lead to team advisor for client or consultant teams, but in every case, he brings a unique perspective in urban design and planning. Sixpitch helps identify, articulate, organize, develop, evaluate, and design your project ideas or vision. We also help make sure that the proposals, contracts, and other decisions you make in the communication and implementation of those efforts will achieve the outcomes that you want.

Sixpitch is both pragmatic and experimental in its approach to the significant opportunities ahead for cities. Our mission is to leverage the cultural momentum of our time through creative collaborations that will generate places where we want to live. Our vision is to promote human, community, and global health, economic prosperity, equity, and civic identity through the thoughtful adaptation of all the infrastructure in our lives.

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vision53-highway-river acd-map-graphic-1

SERVICES – Sixpitch engages different kinds of projects, campaigns, and initiatives. We help leverage physical infrastructure to shape cultural or economic outcomes and related place-based strategies for improving our way of life.

  • Urban design & planning;
  • Field investigations & concept generation;
  • Vision & concept development;
  • Infrastructure design;
  • Site development strategy & design;
  • Pre-proposal review;
  • Integration of transportation with social, cultural, and economic development;
  • Staff resource to special projects;
  • Concept, project,or business narratives;
  • Infrastructure audits;
  • Sprawl policy review;
  • Civic identity & related policy;
  • Place-based political strategy & platform development;

COLLABORATORS – Sixpitch believes that we can achieve more together than we can alone. We are most interested in working with clients and other collaborators who want to affect positive change in cities.

  • Public agencies;
  • Community & business associations;
  • Project-based or policy-based non-profits;
  • Research institutions;
  • Business innovation teams;
  • Real estate developers;
  • Architects & landscape architects;
  • Urban designers & planners;
  • Brand & graphic designers;
  • Project or public finance strategists;
  • Philanthropies;
  • Political organizations & candidates;

PROJECTS – To see what we’re up to, click here. For public speaking, look here.

SIXPITCH LAUNCH VIDEO – Here’s a little video we made to celebrate our launch in June 2015. (Music credit: “Depart” by Regis Victor via Free Music Archive). Related story here.


9 replies

  1. Fantastic Work! Love this “leverage the cultural momentum of our time through creative collaborations” Thank you for your energy and efforts. Happy New Year to you all.

  2. Ryan, you remind me of that ‘Man in the mirror’ song. You are making a difference. Congrats on having the courage to start your own firm! From what I know of you through social media and after meeting you in person today, I have zero doubt you’ll continue to prosper. Thank you for sharing your vision, your talents, your creativity, your time and energy. Let me know if I can ever help you in anyway.

    • Ryan, You are an amazing inspiration! The work you have done/are doing to shape the future of Atlanta (and other cities that choose to get on board) gives me chills. Thank you!

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