Next City > “Atlanta’s river is different.”

(press.) Writing for Next City, Jen Kinney compares worldwide riverfront revitalization efforts to an emerging effort by Chattahoochee NOW. In “Atlanta’s Waterfront Access May Soon Improve,” she outlines the group’s ambitious goals to discover its hidden, expansive riverfront.

Excerpt: “The Seine, the Chicago River, the San Antonio River and many more city waterways have undergone makeovers in recent years, sprouting walkways and restaurants, new parks and businesses. They’ve all been touted as reclamation projects of sorts: These rivers run through the heart of their cities, visible but often polluted, the urban fabric having turned its back on them. Atlanta’s river is a little different. In fact, most probably don’t know a river runs through the city at all. That’s challenge number one for Chattahoochee Now, a nonprofit aiming to reclaim a 53-mile stretch of the Chattahoochee River as part park, part urban waterfront, part recreational waterway.”  >> More.

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