Spacing > “we should consider these projects from a city systems perspective.”

(press.)  Insightful story by Claire Nelischer of the Centre for City Ecology in Spacing. Link: “The Atlanta BeltLine: Catalyst infrastructure and city systems.”

Excerpt: “The positive impact of parks investments is well demonstrated (and will be explored in Gravel’s forthcoming book). But what is of particular interest here is the impact of the Atlanta Beltline as a comprehensive investment in parks, trails, transit, housing, and economic development. As downtown Toronto faces significant development pressures, communities are increasingly looking to edge spaces and infrastructure corridors as potential open space assets, to be transformed into linear parks and railpaths. Taking notes from the Atlanta Beltline, we should consider these projects from a city systems perspective–what is the potential for transit, active recreation, enhanced urban design, and good development along these new linear parks, and how can we harness that potential to build the Toronto we want?”  >> More.

For a follow-up Q&A after my talk on July 8, click here.

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