AFTERCAR is a retro-future-Beltline-social-house. Ryan Gravel is a founder and partner > “I’m still looking for a partner to run the restaurant day-to-day. My job is to ensure it is packed every night – and that the full experience comes together as a critical venue for this movement of ideas.”

An inherent aspect of our humanity is that people love to come together to discuss ideas over food and drinks. In fact, some of the most powerful social and cultural movements in history have started informally as ideas shared over dinner. In the public sphere of the city, bars and restaurants have often taken a lead in this role. Some, like Paschal’s in Atlanta and the Stonewall Inn in New York City have cultivated defining social movements for the advancement of civil rights. The White Horse Tavern and other bars on Hudson Street in New York City were meeting places for community organizers that saved entire neighborhoods from destructive highway proposals. And Les Deux Magots epitomized the café culture of Paris, bringing together artists and literary legends from around the world that helped shape the culture of 20th Century life.

With these models in mind, Aftercar is designed to become a venue and platform for a dialogue about the future of cities – a for-profit restaurant scheduled to open on the Atlanta Beltline in 2019. With a space inspired by the future and informed by people working to make it better, Aftercar will provide physical space and reliable funding for our nonprofit partner, GENERATOR. Together, we hope to cultivate ideas about cities that nobody is asking for, but that just might change the world.

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