ABC > “It won’t really work without it.”

(press.research) In “Charlotte Rail-Trail gives glimpse of Atlanta BeltLine’s potential,” the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Tyler Wilkins pitches a trip to Charlotte for all the doubters to get a glimpse of what Beltline transit is capable of. The success of their light rail in building a more sustainable future is news in Atlanta, I guess, but not in Charlotte. My photo below was taken twelve years ago. Anyway, here’s a related ABC article you might also want to read: “ON THE LINE: Where’s the rail on the Atlanta BeltLine?” Want more opinion about Beltline transit? Scroll here.

Excerpt > “Running the rail and trail side-by-side combines the predictability of light rail — which developers like — with a recreational and destination amenity,” Myers said. “That’s it in a nutshell.”

The combination of the rail and trail gives people multiple ways for getting around without a car. It’s so popular that CATS and city leaders are considering placing a trail beside the future LYNX Silver line, a 29-mile light rail route planned to connect the suburbs to Center City.

In cases of bad weather or large grocery trips, residents in Uptown and South End can choose to take a blue line train instead of walking on the trail. It’s an important feature still missing from the Atlanta BeltLine, Gravel said.

“If it’s raining, the BeltLine is pretty useless,” Gravel said. “If you’re trying to get people to change their habits, change their lifestyles and be able to live life without a car, you have to have that transit component. It won’t really work without it.” > More

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