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(ideas.) We didn’t get to this place in American history by chance and we’re not going to get out of it easily. We’ll never move forward if we only listen to the people who built and support the systems and institutions that hold us here. We need new ideas. We need ideas that no one is asking for. We need to be listening to voices we haven’t heard before. And to find them, support them, and amplify their voices, we need Generator.

I know something about ideas – ideas that come out of nowhere and create a future that nobody saw coming. I also know about the challenges of holding ideas accountable to promises made about who they would benefit. And believe it or not, I have other ideas about the future of cities. More importantly, I’ve met a lot of other people who have incredible ideas, but their voices are not being heard. We need to listen to them and we need to support their ideas.

If you’ve been following my story, you know Generator is designed for a new generation of idea generators – to support their work, amplify their voices, and share their ideas with the world. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the funding we need. And while the double-whammy of global pandemic and social unrest perfectly illustrates the need for spaces like Generator, we are still pleading for the capital needed to get this idea off the ground. Please help.

We are seeking:

  • $220 total from investors in Aftercar for a 5% return in 5 years and an additional success-driven cut. I’m one of them – join me.
  • Or, $220k in tax-deductible donations. Donate here. PayPal.Me/generatorcity; Cash App $generatorcity; Venmo @generatorcity.
  • $780k loan for construction.
  • A guarantor for the construction loan.

Want to help but have questions? Message me here. Please help. >> Ryan Gravel

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  1. Ryan,

    This has been a dream of mine for over 10 years. It had a different name for me, but shares the same concept. I will share and I will post. I will donate. But if there is another way that I can help – please let me know.

    Talía Viggers

    Ps. Along with selling real estate I also work with the Giving Kitchen now due to my 13+ years of non-profit experience and ability to speak Spanish. I sense there is something in all of that which can help this mission.

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