Georgia Tech > “twenty years ago this month…”

(press. video.) “Twenty years ago this month, Ryan Gravel submitted a master’s thesis that would transform Atlanta,” begins Georgia Tech’s Stacy Braukman for an article titled “The Man With A Plan.” And then they made a cool video for good measure. Check out Tech’s little celebration of my journey with the Atlanta Beltline and what’s next up at Generator.

Video excerpt > Generator “is about generating ideas about the future of cities. You know, when you look ahead at all the change that’s coming, we need the young visionaries of that change to define what kind of change they want and who they want it to be for.” > More

Article excerpt > “Gravel is optimistic that there are other big ideas out there, with the potential to reshape Atlanta — and other cities — in the 21st century, and the designer, developer, and entrepreneur wants to help. “I’m a big believer in ideas,” he explains. “I have met a lot of people who also have great ideas, but their voices aren’t being heard, they don’t have a platform to share, and they need expertise or some other kind of support.” So, he helped create a startup called Generator, located in the Telephone Factory Lofts on Ralph McGill near the Carter Center. The goal was to design a space where people listen to ideas and develop a culture of sharing and implementing them. “We need young visionaries to define what kind of change they want and who they want it to be for,” Gravel says. “And we need to be listening to them. Generator is about generating those ideas.” > More


More coverage from Georgia Tech:

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