AJC > “his life has become interwoven into his dream.”

(press.)  A friend of mine saw my name and the byline and thought, “Oh no, he’s going to rip Ryan to shreds.” Bill Torpy is known as a tough columnist at the AJC, but even tough guys love a great story. Thanks, Bill for continuing coverage of this incredible journey > “The Beltline Guy, 20 years after a darn good term paper.”

Excerpt > “It’s where he lives, where he works. Sometimes he’ll walk to work at Ponce City Market, the old Sears building, and will pass his daughter coming from or going to school at Grady High. His life has become interwoven into his dream. I asked him what do people want to know when they discover who he is. “They always end up talking about gentrification,” he said. Gravel is sort of the Dr. Frankenstein who created a monster. The Beltline is largely a good monster. But like in the movie, it can be unpredictable.” > More

Here’s Torpy’s 2012 article: “Beltline a walk in the park”

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