Co.Design > “A place filled with human decency, love.”

[press.] Inspired by the Atlanta City Design’s inspiration from the Civil Rights Movement, Diana Budds pens this thoughtful piece for Co.Design – “Atlanta Is Fighting Urban Inequality–With An Idea From Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Excerpt > For decades, urban design has reinforced racial inequality–and it still does today. While equity is being broached in many new projects emerging from progressive cities these days, Atlanta is taking it a step further by indoctrinating civil rights as the foundation for all future city planning through Atlanta City Design, a new 400-page book from the city’s planning department that articulates a vision for the growing metropolis.

The book is based on a 1957 speech by Martin Luther King Jr. in which the activist championed the “The Beloved Community,” a place filled with human decency, love, and brotherhood and free of poverty, homelessness, discrimination, and racism. It was a cornerstone of King’s philosophy–as he put it, “the aftermath of nonviolence is the creation of the beloved community”–and Atlanta believes that by upholding values King outlined, it can ensure that gains in quality of life and economic health are distributed more equitably.  > More.

More from Sixpitch about The Atlanta City Design. > coming soon!

Check out The Atlanta City Design for yourself.

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