Next City > “A strategic realignment of existing plans.”

[press.] Following the September 2017 unveiling of the Atlanta City Design, Jared Brey covered what it means for Atlanta in this article for Next City. “New Atlanta Planning Book Takes Cue From Martin Luther King Jr.”

Excerpt > Atlanta City Design, unveiled earlier this month, is meant to inform and shape all of Atlanta’s various plans, codes and ordinances. The document is not a plan itself, but “a strategic realignment of existing plans” that seeks to lock some core city-building principles into everything Atlanta does. “The growth that’s projected here in the urban core of the region is staggering, and not changing is not really an option, as we say in the book,” says Ryan Gravel, who worked on the guide and is well-known for conceiving the Atlanta BeltLine, a 22-mile trail connecting remote neighborhoods in the path of a decommissioned railway line. “The idea is to design the change so that it happens in our best interest.”   > More.

More from Sixpitch about The Atlanta City Design. > coming soon!

Check out The Atlanta City Design for yourself.

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