Saporta Report > “You can see the river disappear under the airport.”

[press.] At the Southface Energy Institute’s Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable on October 6, I joined Hannah Palmer, author of Flight Path, to discuss our books, the future of Atlanta’s southside, and our recent collaborations. We shared a new vision from Sixpitch called “Finding the Flint” which imagines renewed headwaters flowing beneath the world’s busiest airport. Maria Saporta covered the discussion for Saporta Report: “Group seeking to find – and restore – the Flint River near the airport.”

Excerpt > “You can see the river disappear under the airport, but it’s still there,” Palmer said. “How can we restore those creeks and how can we create spaces for people.” … “This is just to inspire people – to have people see the possibilities of the Flint River and to support the health of the river,” Gravel chimed in. It imagines reconfiguring the hard surfaces of the airport into spaces where people are welcome. Instead of the airport just being a place where people go when they’re leaving town, the area around the airport could become its own destination.  > More.


Learn more from the Finding the Flint Working Group at

More from Sixpitch about Finding the Flint. > coming soon!

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