Atlanta Magazine > “The shelves of City Hall sag with grand plans gathering dust.”

( It has been an honor to work with Commissioner Tim Keane on this remarkable aspiration for Atlanta’s future. It’s called the Atlanta City Design – Aspiring to the Beloved Community and Thomas Wheatley captured this brief synopsis for Atlanta Magazine. “Ryan Gravel and Tim Keane are sketching a smarter city plan for Atlanta.”

Excerpt: “The shelves of City Hall, of course, sag with grand plans gathering dust. What will make this one different will rely, ultimately, on the willingness of politicians and residents to keep their focus on issues big and small, whether it’s affordable housing or a light rail route. Winning public support is partly how Chicago’s Navy Pier went from paper to construction. Gravel, who saw his own graduate thesis become a $4.5 billion reality, says it’s possible.”  >> More.

See my project post here: The Atlanta City Design.

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