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(work.) In early 2016, Sixpitch founder Ryan Gravel began working with Tim Keane, Commissioner of Atlanta’s Department of Planning and Community Development, on the Atlanta City Design. Supported by urban design staff within the Department’s brand-new Atlanta City Studio, the City Design lays out an aspiration for how Atlanta can more than double its population over the next twenty years and still be a city we want to live in, and that is open and affordable to everyone.

“Aspiring to the Beloved Community” – the Atlanta City Design


More about this project coming soon.


More about this project coming soon.

Key Points.

  • The City of Atlanta is roughly one tenth of the regional population, which will grow from 5.5 million to 8 million by 2040;
  • Currently just under half a million residents, the City of Atlanta’s population is projected to grow to 1.3 million by 2050;
  • Recent growth has been strong in the City, but it is highly imbalanced, with many areas only stabilized or stuck in a cycle of decline.


  • Follow the Atlanta City Studio Facebook page;
  • Watch the September 1 video, “How Big Can Atlanta Get?” that shows the City’s population projections by Dr. Nelson from the University of Arizona;
  • See our October 4 slide deck from the first public presentation of “Aspiring” – the Atlanta City Design.

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