Gravel (live on the TED stage) > We Are the Lives That We’re Talking About.

(ideas.) Here’s the TED talk I did in New York in October 2016. > “When we look today in wonder and disgust at the metropolis sprawled before us, we wonder if we are stuck – are we stuck with the legacy of that inequity; are we stuck with this dystopian traffic hellscape; are we stuck with rampant urban displacement; or environmental degradation; are we stuck with social isolation or political polarization. Are these inevitable and permanent outcomes? Or are they the result of the collective cultural decisions we have made for ourselves? And if they are, can’t we change them?” >> Ryan Gravel

Tweetable quotes:

“Infrastructure is the foundation of our economy, social, culture; it matters.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“It was just an idea; I never thought we would actually build it.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“It’s changing the physical form of the city; the way we think about the city.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“This is more than just infrastructure – we’re building new lives for ourselves.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“We know and must remember that big changes like this don’t usually benefit everyone.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“The answer cannot be to not improve communities.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“We have to understand this accountability to the people whose lives we are changing.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

“We are the lives that we’re talking about.” @ryangravel at @TEDTalks

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