A Beerline is My Kind of Artery

(research.) I went to share our story in Milwaukee as part of Newaukee’s YP Week and while I was there, I met with some people working on a reclaimed section of the old “Milwaukee Road” railroad just north of downtown. Roughly half its 1.2-mile length has already been converted into the Beerline Trail, but its planned northward extension was recently claimed as an artscape of sorts that has posed some interesting questions about the corridor’s future. By also venturing into underserved communities, the project has initiated a new dialog about how to reconcile different opportunities for trails, art, and cultural development.  >> Ryan Gravel

RG artery 1 RG beerline 1

Check out the Artery idea and some background on the Beerline Trail. While you’re looking, check out Newaukee.

Map it here.

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