Indy’s Cultural Speedway

(research.)  It was a big honor to be sponsored by MailChimp to go to Indianapolis and speak at the third and final We Are City Summit. Between breaks with local popsicles, gourmet fortune cookies, and craft beer, we learned about cool things going on in the world of cities and I shared Atlanta’s loopy story. I also had the opportunity to check out the surprising utility of Indy’s much smaller loop. Conceived primarily to promote the city’s arts and cultural assets, the Cultural Trail is an 8-mile multi-use trail carved primarily out of city streets that includes a 3.5-mile loop around downtown. It links six designated cultural districts and connects to an additional 40 miles of trails throughout the city. Check out this story in the Indianapolis Star.  >> Ryan Gravel

indy cultural trail4 indy cultural trail2b

indy cultural trail3 indy cultural trail1


Watch my 20-minute talk here.


Check out the Cultural Trail. Also, big shoutout to Indy’s Pacers Bikeshare, which made this trip super easy.

Map it: in the middle at Meridian and Washington Streets.

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