CNN International > “green space is kind of the living room of the city.”

(press.videos.)  My dog Jackson tagged along for this 2012 interview on CNN International. Link: “Abandoned railway turns urban sprawl green.” Also, here’s a related piece I wrote for CNN Opinion – Link: “Turning Urban Sprawl into Sustainable Cities.”

Excerpt: “Atlanta was losing population in the 1970s and 1980s Gravel says, but now the urban core is growing faster than most of the suburban counties. “You’ve got thousands of people moving back into the city and that creates a lot of opportunities to leverage that growth to create the kind of place that we all want to live,” he said. “If we want to live compactly, sustainably and transit oriented, the BeltLine and that growth presents the opportunity to create that kind of place,” Gravel added. “Green space is kind of the living room of the city and as more people move into the city it becomes more and more important to have spaces where people can go get out of their homes and apartments and enjoy the diversity and life of the city.”

2012 jackson on cnn

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