Photo Essay > Atlanta’s South River Forest

(work. ideas.)  I’ve had a rough week, so this morning I went hiking on a tract of land that hopefully will one day become part of the South River Forest. At 3,500 acres, this big forest park is only an idea, but it is the last chance for metro Atlanta to invest in such a massive regional greenspace inside our perimeter highway. I saw deer, box turtles, frogs, hawks, and songbirds, alongside majestic white oaks, shagbark hickories, and beech trees. Once again, nature found a way to restore my soul.

Learn more on this South River Forest webinar. And below, enjoy this photo essay from my COVID-19 explorations.

Intrenchment Creek Park (location here; also see Stop the Swap):

Constitution Lakes (location here; also see Audubon Society of Atlanta):

Southside Park (location here; also see SORBA):

Undisclosed Locations:

More from Sixpitch on Atlanta’s South River Forest:

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