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(press.) It was transit week and WABE’s Rose Scott was out on the Atlanta Beltline for a special edition of A Closer Look called “From The Northside Trail To The South, The Atlanta BeltLine’s Impact And Future.” I met Rose on the Eastside Trail to talk about the urgency of building transit now so that the Beltline can live up to its promise.

Excerpt: (Gravel speaking) “I’m anxious to get the transit piece going because the transit’s the thing that makes it work reliably for everybody, any time of day, any season. No matter what you’re wearing, what you’re carrying, the transit’s the thing that makes it work for everybody.”

“I’m worried that even if MARTA does build transit on the BeltLine, they’re going to build it according to MARTA’s vision for the BeltLine. We need the BeltLine team – and I don’t mean me – I just mean we need people who are focused on the experiences of the BeltLine, and who the BeltLine is for, to be leading the conversation about what kind of transit are we building on the BeltLine.”  > More.

More on why transit is so important:

Click here for more of my thoughts on the Atlanta Beltline.

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