WABE > “where names don’t matter but ideas do.”

[press.] Jim Burress found us hanging around the future Generator and recorded this interview for WABE 90.1 – Atlanta’s NPR Station, titled “Ryan Gravel’s Next Big Idea: Eat, Drink, Save The World.”

Excerpt > “If all that comes across as highbrow and lofty, Gravel gets why. He’s heard it all before. “A lot of people have asked why we’re doing this, and this location,” he says, prefacing his response with an admission that the venture, for him, is personal. Gravel wants to counter a narrative he hears over and over about the BeltLine — that it’s only for white hipster yoga practitioners who are more than willing to overpay for a craft beer. “I like the idea of not conforming necessarily to that narrative,” Gravel says, adding that Aftercar will be a place “where everybody feels like they can come to and are invited.” A real-life, Atlanta-fied Cheers, where names don’t matter but ideas do.” > More

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