Looking at Ludlam.

(research.) Some of the controversy in Miami around real estate development in the railroad that might one day carry the Ludlam Trail reminded me of an early challenge we had on the Atlanta Beltline, but I hadn’t seen it for myself. I finally made it out there on a borrowed bike in November and found a different kind of railroad corridor – it’s mostly low-density residential and it is super-flat. Still, in talking with vocal champions like Victor Dover, the transformational power of this kind of catalyst infrastructure was evident. Ludlam offers both an exciting new use and form for the physical space that can shape a future city, as well as a vehicle for empowerment of communities to make that change their own.  >> Ryan Gravel

RG Ludlam 1 RG Ludlam 2

Check out Friends of the Ludlam Trail.

Map it’s southern terminus here.

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