Blast from the Past.

(videos.)  A few weeks ago, as I was digging through a decade and a half of Atlanta Beltline memories, I came across a digital memory of our early movement in support of the Atlanta Beltline. In 2003, Bill VanDerKloot produced a short promotional video to support our early efforts. He did it for free and it includes Cathy Woolard, Mayor Franklin, the late Kim King, other developers and community leaders, and Jane Fonda, who contributed her voice to the video’s narration.

I was honestly surprised when I watched it – partly by the advances in video technology that have been made since that time, partly by how utterly unrecognizable I am at exactly one minute into the video, but mostly by its attention to transit. Check it out, and then read this related Guest Column I wrote for the Saporta Report.  >> Ryan Gravel


YouTube link here. Also, check out what VanDerKloot Film & Television is doing today.

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