Under the Line

(research.) One of the hottest things in Miami can’t be found in South Beach. Extending south-easterly from Brickell to Coral Gables and South Miami is a 1980s-era elevated transit line. It has an ad-hoc trail below the structure now, but the space is currently being re-imagined as the Underline. I met up with its visionary, Meg Daly, and others while visiting in March 2015. Their early energy and progress has left little doubt that the project will soon become a model for existing transit systems everywhere. The Underline is both inventive and pragmatic, but that’s apparently not enough. This amped-up transit greenway is doubling-down by hiring one of the country’s top designers. >> Ryan Gravel

RG underline 4 RG underline 3

RG underline 2 RG underline 1

Join the Underline. Attend the East Coast Greenway’s WHEELS event in South Miami in November 2015.

Map it here at South Miami transit station.

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