Gravel > “if we learn to see equity as our goal…”

(ideas.)  This text first appeared in ideas+buildings. “Equity Through Sports + Art: A Design Dialogue in Atlanta.” Read the whole thing here and watch short video of excerpts from the event.

Excerpt: “I think this kind of thoughtful and inclusive transition toward a better decision-making process – beyond just sports and arts – could make our region a global leader for equity. It won’t happen overnight, but Atlanta has always been ambitious. If we learn to see equity as our goal, then we can truly design for community. To do that, designers, planners, and citizens everywhere need to embrace choices about our future not only as obligations to what is good and right, but also as our best route to prosperity. Equity is not just “a social imperative,” Nathaniel concluded, “it is the superior growth model for our region.””  >> More.

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