Bridging More Than a River.

(research.)  I was in Washington DC to speak at the Eco-Districts Summit and took some time to ride down to the Washington Navy Yard along the Anacostia River. I wanted to check out a cool P+W project and then separately meet up with Scott Kratz. He’s the idea guy and chief advocate for the future 11th Street Bridge Park, an amazing new public space that will bridge more than just a river. The park will be built on the existing piers of an old roadway that was made obsolete by the construction of new bridges. It connects people to the water and makes an important link for bikes and pedestrians. But with gentrification looming in the Anacostia neighborhood across the river from the Navy Yard, the bridge has dialed up a conversation that celebrates diversity and addresses disparity in hopes of improving lives rather than displacing them.  >> Ryan Gravel

11thstBP 1 11thstBP 2

Check out the results of the design competition and other details at the 11th Street Bridge Park website. For information specifically on the project’s community impact, look here.

Map it here.

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