Gravel > My favorite picture in 14 years working on this thing.

(ideas.)  I took my kids out for a bike ride on a beautiful day last spring and the trail was mobbed. I was taking pictures with my phone, including this one, (second image), but it wasn’t until I got home that I noticed the woman with red hair on the right. She’s carrying her groceries. And in the process, she’s validating everything we always said the Atlanta Beltline would do. It’s not only changing the physical form of the city, it’s changing our way of life. Thanks to Luke at Perkins+Will for illustrating the finished trail, transit and new development, (final image; all images credit Perkins+Will). >> Ryan Gravel

PW BL-Pylant 1 PW BL-Pylant 2

PW BL-Pylant 3 PW BL-Pylant 4

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