Architect > “it’s like tactical urbanism on steroids.”

(press.)  Architect Magazine wrote a story about the role of tactical urbanism in cities. Link: “Newest Urbanism.”

Excerpt: “It’s like tactical urbanism on steroids,” Gravel says. “We built this amazing groundswell of support, even though, over the years, there have been challenges to the direction of the project—its vision, funding, ownership, and so on. If the public feels as if a bad decision has been made, they come out in force. They feel an ownership and an entitlement to adding new ideas to the overall vision.” Recent grassroots ideas include building a swing on one section of the trail with a view of the skyline, installing guerrilla public art projects, and creating a 22-mile “food forest” of locally grown produce along the route. … “No city will build a bridge or a light-rail system with tactical urbanism alone,” Mike Lydon says. “But creative and smart interventions can build the social and political capital needed to push such projects forward from the study and proposal stage. Tactical urbanism looks physical, but often the best results are social, in building more capacity and ties to longer-term change within neighborhoods.”

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