WABE > “what does progress look like?”

[press.] Rose Scott met me and my business partner, Donray Von, to discuss the future of the West End Mall. She starts out at minute 3:48 asking, “What does progress look like found us hanging around the future Generator and recorded this interview for WABE 90.1 – Atlanta’s NPR Station, titled “Closer Look: Local Developers Talk Proposed West End Mall Project.”

My answer at minute 7:40 > “Progress isn’t just the growth of the city. It’s not just population growth and development. It’s when that happens in a way that is supportive of the communities that it’s in. And West End has a central role in the development of Atlanta’s cultural identity, so we have to not only be cognizant of the potential for economic displacement, but also cultural displacement… So, progress to me here is managing the growth that is coming anyway in a way that lifts the community along with that.” > More

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