AJC > West End site to become “a media and technology hub.”

[press.] Scott Trubey took the time to introduce Elevator City Partners and our plan for the West End Mall. Check out his story “Beltline visionary part of team seeking redevelopment of West End Mall” on the front page of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Excerpt > “The West End proposal is a for-profit venture, but what Gravel and Von describe is an outlier in Atlanta’s build-and-flip real estate world. They’ve proposed training, small-business lending assistance and a $10 million to $15 million fund to help grow West End businesses — not just those on the mall site — that they say will create jobs and demand for surrounding merchants. Von envisions the mall site as a media and technology hub just south of Atlanta University Center that not only would serve as a commercial anchor for the community, but would nurture a generation of new businesses by diverse founders in the way Georgia Tech’s Technology Square has helped stimulate Midtown.” > More

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