CityLab > “Building Infrastructure for More Inclusive Communities.”

(press.) With the release of Where We Want To Live, CityLab’s Richard Florida and Ryan Gravel engage in conversation about “Building Infrastructure for More Inclusive Communities.”

Excerpt: “I get the fear of big ideas, but I think it’s more about a distrust for our ability to implement big ideas according to their original vision. That’s why the ownership of the Atlanta BeltLine by the people of Atlanta is so critical—the role of the public is to keep the implementers in line. The problems aren’t transit, parks, and grocery stores. They are rising taxes and rents, and there are many proven tools to tackle these issues if we summon the collective will to do so. Beyond that, I also think that the scale of our answers needs to be commensurate with the magnitude of our problems. We’ve got really big challenges ahead—a dramatic regional reorganization over the next generation with an entirely new set of winners and losers—and if we want to survive those changes and thrive, we need to think big. We also need to act.” >> More.

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