Take it to the Embankment.

(research.)  When I first heard about the Harsimus Stem Embankment in Jersey City, also known simply as “the Embankment,” it was caught in legal disputes about its ownership. I’m not sure if that’s settled yet, but the value of joining the fight to preserve it seems obvious to me. It’s weighty. When I was in New York in October 2013, I traveled across the Hudson with my friend Annik La Farge to discover the railroad segment that advocates envision repurposed as “a habitat-oriented linear park.” Even though the bridges over all the cross-streets have already been removed, the Embankment is an astounding structure running six blocks along Sixth Street. It lifts gently from just a few feet above street level to over twenty at its western end. >> Ryan Gravel

RG embankment 1 RG embankment 3

RG embankment 2 RG embankment 4

Check it out at the Embankment Preservation Coalition.

Map it: at Sixth Street.

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