COMING SOON: “a future-of-our-lives-oriented-idea-studio.”

In cities around the world, we see rapid population growth, demographic shifting and social inequities, wasteful land and energy consumption, rampant environmental degradation, worsening traffic congestion, escalating costs for housing and construction, and a widespread technological revolution. Cities have always reflected this kind of economic, social, and cultural turbulence, and while we don’t know what these current changes will mean for our lives, we do know that new ideas are needed to manage the scale and pace of this change. We also know there are people with great ideas all around us – if only they could be heard.

That need is the impetus for Generator – our mission is to empower citizens to generate, pursue, connect, and deliver ideas that support the future of cities. We envision a world where everyday people, armed with ideas and ready for action, can create real and lasting change for their communities and for the world. We’re partnering with Aftercar to help cultivate such a movement – to catalyze change at the grassroots level in ways that then lead, empower, and even obligate, larger, positive, and structural change in our communities.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

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